We are a consulting firm, established in Hamburg in 1993. We advise companies and their foundations, organisations of international cooperation and their project partners worldwide, as well as policy, public administration and civil society actors in Germany.


    We work across sectors in the design and implementation of change processes, organisational and personnel development, strategy and management consulting, as well as impact monitoring and evaluation. Since 2007, we regularly offer a one-year OD training for consultants.  


    Como advises in the areas of state and society, the environment and climate, and economics and sustainability.


Development of a vision

The Environmental Center Gut Karlshöhe is a project of the Hamburg Climate Protection Foundation in the middle of the city of Hamburg - and yet out in the open. Como advises Gut Karlshöhe on the development of his vision of the future. In two strategy workshops moderated by Como, the board and the office of the Environmental Center worked together on a vision of the future "Good Karlshöhe in 10 years", the future products and next steps of getting there. Working together was fun!


Systemic Prevention of Violence Colombia

On behalf of the GIZ, Como and Berghof Foundation advise municipalities in northern Colombia on the implementation of the pilot project "Prevenir Primero". Numerous stakeholders from government and civil society are working together to identify risk and protection factors in their communities preventing violence. "Prevenir primero is a laboratory where experience is gained and shared. What works can then be extended to the entire region." This is how Jorge Rodriguez, advisor to the consortium Como-Berghof, summarizes the innovative character of Prevenir Primero in a TV report.


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