Public Private Partnerships (PPP) / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Global challenges such as poverty, hunger, environmental degradation and climate change can only be tackled jointly by politics, business and civil society. A vast array of cooperation forms between these actors has been established that are aligned to the common objective of sustainable economic, environmental and social development.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the context of development cooperation
Due to globalisation, developing and emerging countries have gained tremendous importance as production, sourcing and sales markets for international companies. Their economies are more and more integrated into international product value chains. The international drivers of these value chains play a very important role and have become a development actor of its own. Multilateral and bilateral development organisations have joined efforts with these companies in order to make increasing use of synergies and leverage efforts. Public Private Partnerships are one popular cooperation model.

Services   Como advises both companies and development organisations in all project phases, from concept and strategy development to finding the right partners. We also assist companies in writing applications for several partnership programmes. For staff of development organisations and their partner institutions in developing and emerging countries we conduct PPP training courses, advise them on setting up and managing regional or sectoral PPP funds and assist them in improving their "partnership skills".

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has evolved in the context of discussions about sustainable development. CSR activities of companies target at integrating economic, environmental and social aspects into their day to day business. They go beyond the fulfilment of laws and regulations as they are voluntary and the result of the responsibility and own initiative of the company and its staff. CSR activities reap the best benefit for companies if they go beyond pure PR projects and when the integration of economic, environmental and social aspects is fully embedded into the core business strategy of the company.

Services   Como advises companies in developing the right CSR strategy and projects, in identifying the right partners and carrying out a good communication strategy. We accompany firms in designing the required processes and in qualifying their staff in order to make this cultural change happen. Of fundamental importance to us is to make CSR really integrative: on the one hand, it has pure ethic dimensions. On the other, it allows companies to reap concrete economic benefits (i.e. through improved trading relations with suppliers) and create social value added (i.e. higher motivation and satisfaction of staff).

Contact persons

Thomas Finkel Christian Koch

Examples of our work experience

  • Initiating and implementing numerous partnerships between governments, companies and development organisations.
  • Study: „PPP-models at partner institutions". Commissioned by GIZ (internal concept paper).
  • Study: „Public-Private Partnerships in developing countries". Commissioned by German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Study not published.
  • Study on „Improving the participation of German small and medium enterprises in projects financed through the World Bank". Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The study can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry.
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