• We are a consulting firm, established in Hamburg in 1993. We advise companies and their foundations, organisations of international cooperation and their project partners worldwide, as well as policy, public administration and civil society actors in Germany. Our offices in Hamburg-Altona and Berlin-Kreuzberg offer a creative platform for our consultants, network partners and clients. We are run by a team consisting of executive director, financial managers and office managers.


    People are said to be healthy when all organs are functioning properly and sufficient surplus energy is available for them to react flexibly to crises and unforeseen circumstances, and when they embrace change and contact with their social environment. Those who are able to strike a balance between organised and disorganised aspects and phases of change remain healthy. Being healthy means recognising more than a single option and being able to make decisions. This definition of health is also an apt description of situations in organisations. Organisations are successful and productive if routine and disruptions are not mutually exclusive. Instead, management and staff have adequate surplus energy (money, motivation, creativity, knowledge, agility, etc.) at their disposal to flexibly cope with crises, external insecurity and complexity. more


By advising clients all over the world, we cause significant amounts of CO2 emissions. This cannot be avoided as long as flights cannot be performed with renewable raw materials, which is unlikely in the near future. As a company, we consider the consequences of our carbon footprint very seriously and take measures to account for it, including investment in renewable energy projects. In addition, Como supports the social commitment of its employees and consultants in Hamburg.

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