Our Consulting Philosophy


People are said to be healthy when all organs are functioning properly and sufficient surplus energy is available for them to react flexibly to crises and unforeseen circumstances, and when they embrace change and contact with their social environment. Those who are able to strike a balance between organised and disorganised aspects and phases of change remain healthy. Being healthy means recognising more than a single option and being able to make decisions. This definition of health is also an apt description of situations in organisations. Organisations are successful and productive if routine and disruptions are not mutually exclusive. Instead, management and staff have adequate surplus energy (money, motivation, creativity, knowledge, agility, etc.) at their disposal to flexibly cope with crises, external insecurity and complexity.


Como believes that one of the most important competencies for organisations and their staff is their ability to self-regulate. Also in times of dynamic market and competitive developments, this means striking a flexible balance between external and internal orientation, innovation and stability, customer and staff orientation.


Changes don't just happen. Instead, it is often as a result of crises and painful experiences that we let go of old behaviours and develop new, more productive patterns. Transformation processes in organisations rarely proceed harmoniously, but require clear and consistent management decisions in addition to participation.


Como has a wide range of experience consulting in different countries and cultures. When we talk about cultures, we not only mean national cultures, but also different organisational cultures and life-styles. Our customers come from teams in large companies and foundations as well as from non-profit organisations in inner-cities and development cooperation projects. In our experience with these various cultures, we have learned first-hand that differences can lead to confusion, but that they can also bring new ideas. And it is this knowledge that we employ in our consulting processes.

The complete version of consulting philosophy can be found here.

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