Cooperation Systems and Networks

The monitoring and shaping of cooperation in public and private sectors has become a central field of action in organisational consulting. As part of the modernisation of public administration, it has become clear that solely economic modernisation falls short when it comes to dealing with complex problems and policy-making tasks such as when dealing with education, urban planning, healthcare or demographic change. Here, new governance structures, professionally integrated approaches and advanced management skills are required that correspond to the complexity of the challenges faced.

However, our experience has shown both nationally and internationally, that cooperation - if at all - in the public sector often only superficially or situational works, and in many cases first and foremost overwhelms the parties involved. This is because the strength required to overcome departmental competence limits, the horizontal negotiation of interests, pooling of funds, the establishment and organisation of overarching bodies and the activation and co-decision-making of the civil society puts into question the well-oiled organisational routines of the public administration and represent a "break in the pattern" for the actors involved.
Therefore, consulting has the task to design and monitor this "pattern break" as a consciously designed change process. The aim is to create, for those involved, communicative spaces for the "staging" of successful cooperation, i.e. to create opportunities for interaction, appreciation and promotion of trust, and make it possible to discuss interests and to implement appropriate management structures.
The consultants at Como Consult have much to contribute here through their diverse practical and conceptual experience in a variety of consultation processes in international cooperation systems, in the EU and in Germany as well as by having been trainers in the worldwide rollout "Capacity WORKS", the GIZ management model for cooperation.


  • Strategy development in cooperation systems
  • Construction of complex steering structures (advising and coaching of steering managers)
  • Strengthening of self-regulation and reflection in cooperation (roles, skills, dealing with conflict)
  • Training and advising on the application of Capacity WORKS
  • Consulting for the construction of internal M&E systems
  • External evaluation of networks and collaborations
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