Training and continued learning is a core component of our services. We want to pass on lessons learned through our experience to consultants and employees working in our client organisations. Also, in the ever-evolving context of change processes, further education and training is necessary to equip actors with the skills needed and practical knowhow.
Accordingly, we offer training courses developed and carried out with our expertise in sector management, leadership and cooperation, as well as change management in the welcoming environment of our offices in Hamburg and Berlin.
In addition, to meet the specific needs and challenges of our client organisations, we can also offer tailor-made in-house training formats.

Our training sessions and continued learning workshops are aimed at specialists and managers in public organisations (civil services and public-sector enterprises), non-profits and the private sector. We also aim our training and continued learning courses at consultants in these organisations, because change processes are often established through interactions among these actors.

Our Organisational Consultant Training has been offered in part-time training sessions since 2007. The sessions address the central challenges of organisational and process consulting.

We are happy to also meet those alumni of our training programmes who want to hone their skills even further here in our shorter training sessions.

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