Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

In many partner countries in development cooperation, social conflicts significantly affect positively intended change processes. To achieve sustainable improvements for society in conflict and fragile states, the social conflicts must be considered. This can either be an explicit goal of a change process or an important transversal measure. Here, it is even more important than in peaceful contexts that the people, who are affected by the change, be actively involved in each process of change and their experiences, interests and needs be taken into account. The establishment of trust, necessary for the peace process, between conflict and population groups can only be achieved when working carefully and cautiously to heal the wounds of the past. This requires high analytical skills and sensitivity for the right intervention at the right moment in a highly emotional work environment. Through process support and consultation, we initiate communication and dialogue so that conflicting parties join in constructive dialogue and make joint steps towards a peaceful coexistence.
In large-scope projects in this field, we cooperate as a lead team with the Berghof Foundation.


  • Implementation / monitoring of conflict analyses and Peace and Conflict Assessment (PCA)
  • Conflict-sensitive planning (strategic and operational) and development of a conflict-sensitive impact monitoring system
  • Training on skill consulting in conflict and/or fragile contexts
  • Process monitoring of multi-actor processes (often government and civil society actors) in the conflict and/or fragile contexts



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