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A large part of global trade is generated by the exchange of goods and services in multinational supply chains. Considering growth and employment targets, the relevance for all countries to integrate themselves into these chains and contribute as much as possible to the value creation is increasing. Investment and export promotion are more and more connected and at the same time required to offer concepts and strategies for a sustainable integration of supply chains.

Important aspects for a successful market integration and sustainable trade are - in addition to the company's competitiveness - favorable legal and regulatory frameworks, as well as functioning infrastructure that suit the market's demands. Respecting standards of quality, environment and social standards, while also creating access to and networking within relevant markets is equally important.

Promoting investments and exports within the framework of international cooperation thus has shown multiple intersections with various thematic areas, e.g. in the field of sustainable economic development, resource conservation, good governance (corruption and integrity) and climate policy. The challenges for developing countries to position themselves in a development-oriented manner and in line with their potential in the face of the increasing internationalization of supply chains are great. At the same time, targeted investment and export promotion can provide integrative impulses for the respective domestic economy. Sustainable and value-adding concepts and strategies for investment and export promotion therefore are becoming even more important.



Como advises and supports clients involved in trade promotion at home and abroad in the design of investment and export promotion measures by strengthening institutional structures and embedding measures in appropriate cooperation landscapes. Como works on different levels with actors such as ministries, chambers, institutions on the downstream of the supply chain and economic promotion projects.


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