Green Growth

For decades, the incompatibility of economic growth and the protection of the environment or natural resources has been discussed. Today we know that many global problems can only be solved, if both are addressed in combination. Economic growth is essential for poverty reduction and meeting the needs of a growing population. On the other hand, the current economic processes undermine the natural foundations of our existence, as they go hand in hand with an increasing consumption of non-renewable resources, the degradation of the environment, an ever-growing energy consumption as well as increasing global emissions and waste.

Many countries have, therefore, started planning and implementing green growth strategies. They are addressing economic growth and the protection and sustainable use of natural resources at the same time. Also more and more companies face these challenges and adapt their business strategies. Many of them see opportunities: environmental and climate protection offer enormous business potential and provide employment and income growth, which, among other benefits, comes from resource-efficient production, the demand for environmentally and climate-friendly technologies, including the related consulting services, the establishment of a circular economy and the general conversion of economies towards greener economies.


Como advises governments in their use of a variety of instruments that they have to promote green growth. We also facilitate negotiation processes with the business community and other stakeholders. Together with ministries, companies and other actors involved, we develop sector strategies to overcome environmental challenges and take advantage of present opportunities. 


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