Migration and Integration

The causes of migration are as varied and individual as the migrants themselves. They include humanitarian crises steaming from armed conflict, repression, or political persecution, as well as individual motivations, for example, pursuing better educational or professional opportunities, or seeking a better environment for personal development. So far, relatively little attention has been given to the scope and consequences (both positive and negative) of global migration, although, for example, the annual amount of money sent from migrants to their countries of origin is ten times that given annually by development cooperation funds. The effects of migration are complex, both in terms of societal changes in the destination and origin countries and on an individual level for the migrants themselves. The actors involved also face completely new political and administrative challenges at the international, national and local levels.
At the same time, these challenges open up new opportunities for both the countries of origin and destination. These challenges, however, will require targeted and coordinated political guidance and a balance between the various interest groups. This concerns needs-based assistance for the integration of migrants in education and employment for example, and also support if migrants should plan a voluntary return to their home country. The fact that migration often follows a circular pattern, i.e. that many migrants can at least imagine a return home in the future, often falls by the wayside.


We advise public administrations and non-governmental organisations in Germany and abroad, as well as other actors in development cooperation in designing forms of cooperation and projects between the public, private, civil society sectors. Specifically, our skills lie in intercultural communication, such as moderating multi-actor partnerships. We also draw on our experience advising on flexible management and guidance approaches in fragile and temporary cooperation systems.


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