Cooperation between business and international cooperation

In the last two decades, globalization has made developing countries much more important as production sites and emerging markets for international corporations. Those countries have also become more involved in their supply chains, and because of that, those international corporations are an important part of those countries' development. Institutions involved in development use diverse forms of cooperation with the private sector to realize the potential in synergy.
Development partnerships are a specific form of cooperation in concrete projects that build on the intersections between the private and public sector and in which all partners contribute. Development partnerships are supported by the Deutsche Internationale Zusammenarbeit (, and there are also more decentralized facilities and funds that are supported by ministries and economic development institutions.


Como advises companies as well as development organizations in all parts of a project, from strategy development in choosing prospective partners to formulating the concrete concepts of a project, its applications and its execution. We advise employees of development organizations and their partner institutions in the making of regional or sectoral funds or other programs and have training courses in that field.

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