Supporting Investments and Exports

A large part of global trade is the exchange of goods and services in multinational value chains. It's important for the growth of all countries for them to integrate themselves into these chains and to create as much value as they can. Support for export development, in this context and for this reason, is measured in concepts and instruments that can successfully integrate into the market and also create frameworks for local and foreign investors. Important aspects of such integration are the competitiveness of the company, good infrastructure, legal and regulatory frameworks, attention to standards of quality, environment and social well-being, as well as access to, information about, and networking with the relevant markets.
The constant changing demands of the market, as well as the diversity of political branches, structures and instruments that trade regimes enforce mean that investment and export support are often seen as twin concepts cutting through other areas of international cooperation like sustainable economic growth, protection of resources, good governance (corruption and integrity), and climate change politics. Despite multiple challenges of globalization, investment and export support can contribute to trade relationships and create positive integratory impulses for sustainable growth. In German trade and investment promotion trade is more and more a vehicle for integrating individual German provinces and regions into global structures, and promotion concepts are more often put towards strategically important value chain processes.


Como advises and guides investors in trade in trade investments both domestic and foreign in the conception of measures of investment and export by strengthening institutional structures and the creation of frameworks in cooperative places. Como works with investors on different levels, such as ministries, chambers, institutions and economic development projects.


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