Advising small and
mid-size firms

In Germany and the rest of the EU, 99% of firms are small and medium-sized firms (SME). Working in SME 60% of the 28 million workers create a third of the European gross domestic product. SME are not only a central part of the domestic economy, but also ensure diversity in economic sectors, and with that, resilience in economic crises.
Despite all that, SME firms spend relatively little on research and development. Due to their restricted financial liquidity, important innovations and investments that help to secure their future, as well as brand management are difficult obstacles. They for example have problems, in handling challenges related to identifying and retain qualified personnel in a highly competitive market. In Germany, the typical SME has between 50 and 250 workers, is led by the original owner, and is formalized only to a limited degree. Often times those firms put a strong emphasis on personal customer care and being in contact with their clients.
To assure that those firms resume their full potential, consulting services need to be highly customized, targeting challenges in relation to internal processes as well as external framework conditions. Specified internal services includes an advisory on e.g. product and strategy development as well as an adjustment of management procedures and practices. To react to external challenges an increased cooperation with other market players in groups, clusters and networks is also important.


We advise small and mid-size firms during their startup phase and in consolidatiing their existing business model and portfolios, This includes the development of inclusive business models, the consolidation of supply chains and promotion of value chains as well as the establishment of public-private partnerships.
We further support them in management questions relating to leadership and team development, as well as we offer individual training courses and exchange formats. In our advisory we encourage a cautious approach to using natural resources. 
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