Our Responsibility


Advising clients across the globe unfortunately causes us to generate significant amounts of CO2 emissions. Sadly, this is unavoidable as long as airplanes require the use of synthetic fuels. To limit this, we rely on trains for our domestic travel needs. Still, for our international travel, we cannot avoid taking long-haul flights.

Therefore, as a company, we are taking responsibility for our environmental footprint and invest in renewable energy projects to offset these unavoidable carbon emissions. In turn, with the profits generated from these trips we purchase certificates from Moorfutures. Moorfutures is an initiative that contributes to the renaturation of moors in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein. Moors are considered even more important than rain forests as the most effective CO2 stores on the planet. They also increase biodiversity, as they are habitat to a wide variety of species.


We have signed on to the statement of Entrepreneurs 4 Future, which is based on the objectives of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Would you like to join our efforts and persuade your company to sign on?

We are also members of the Renewable Energy Cluster in Hamburg. Their goal is the successful transition to alternative energies. Among their many activities, they focus on promoting projects in innovation, technology and research.

We also recently applied for active membership in the Environmental Partnership Hamburg.


We source electricity for our offices in Hamburg (Lichtblick) and Berlin (greenpeace energy) from renewable energies and hope to extend this to our heating needs in the future by sourcing wind gas. To reach this goal, we have been in talks with our property management. Our office supplies are also provided by a certified sustainable supplier.

At events and training sessions that we host both internally or for our clients, we refrain from including meat or fish in our catering. In addition, when choosing suppliers we pay special attention to fair production conditions, compliance with environmental standards and social responsibility. This can be seen in the coffee we drink which comes from local fair trade roasters, like El Rojito or the Kiezrostererei.

Sustainable consumption can also be fun. We currently hold taste tests between Hamburg and Berlin tap water. Many of our team had forgotten that they can simply drink tap water or had not even considered the absurdity of needlessly packaging this essential nutrient. This point has been amusingly illustrated in the story of bottled water. For larger events, we use water from Viva con Agua.


Como Consult supports the social and political commitment of our employees and consultants. This involves making time for pro bono assignments to help clients with limited or no financial resources. These include NGOs, start-ups and social services. We assist them with our know-how and make our offices available as event and meeting spaces. Some examples of these activities can be found on our website under Latest News


We are aware that all these measures are only a start and we look forward to discovering more ideas to help us conduct our work sustainably. If you know of initiatives worth supporting, or if you have pragmatic suggestions on how we can improve our efforts, feel free to write us at info@como-consult.de. We are open to and look forward to your constructive feedback.

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