Organisational Development and Change Management

Also in the field of organisational development, we, with our understanding as consultants, aim to strengthen our clients' reflective expertise and their capacity to act. Our approach to process consulting is based on a clearly communicated mandate from the clients. We involve the clients in diagnostics and the design of the resulting path for change and in its implementation. In this, the clients' self-perception changes, as well as their perception of the environment and of the tension between the two. Our contribution ranges from advising on individual organisational aspects (e.g., vision, strategy and optimisation of a priority process) to process consulting as part of major changes throughout the organisation. Our organisational development consulting is complemented by our coaching, training and facilitation. Topics here include the development of future designs, strategy and planning, the quality of products, process management, learning in the organisation and in this sense, work on leadership roles and expertise building. In our work, we are aware of and build on the understanding that these issues affect each other mutually. We stand for change management with clear values and therefore we adapt our process to the current state of our clients and their needs.


  • Organisational diagnosis

  • Strategy development

  • Design and monitoring of the change process

  • Consulting leadership and change committees such as a steering committee or project group
  • Team development
  • Facilitation of meetings, work groups, leadership retreats, large events, and other design elements in the path for change
  • Coaching 
  • Customised training programmes


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