Strategy Development and Management Consulting

International cooperation projects are essential initiatives that try to achieve complex change targets with very diverse partners - which put a high priority and very specific character on the strategy development. On the one hand they are strongly influenced by the assignment from ministries that use public funds and set the objectives. On the other hand, these objectives must be achieved in a field of high uncertainty and complex requirements, where diverse actors with different cultural backgrounds and interests meet.
For executives and project managers, this results in a tension between desired predictability and necessary flexibility. This tension should be pragmatically handled and the employer's system logic should be respected but, at the same time, an understanding of strategy should be pursued that at least allows for effectiveness under the conditions outlined above.



We support actors in cooperation systems in strategic project planning, and periodic review and adjustment of strategies, through the facilitation of workshops and strategic consulting of project teams. In addition, we monitor and facilitate strategy development processes at the organisational level and in cooperation systems.


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