Quality Management and Process Management

Organisations in the private sector and increasingly in the public sector are frequently working with their chosen form of quality management, for better performance and to remain competitive. Many models (e.g. EFQM, CAF, ISO) help to make self-assessments, to capture categories and objectives of quality management and to develop and coordinate an approach oriented to continuous improvement.
Quality management requires a focus on the client and on the measurable quality of the provision of services and performance. In this way, process is key to improving performance in the organisation. The work in process management reaches the entire staff, since all employees are involved in performance, support and executive processes.
While many organisations already work successfully with quality management, the requirements associated with it represent uncharted territory for other organisations. This is especially true for the public sector. Here, in our practical experience, we have encountered some typical risks such as technically-oriented management, the absence of a customer focus, lack of strategy, or sometimes incremental and personalised processes.
In our consulting practice, a procedure of self-assessment of the management level, of mission work and of work on processes determined as a priority has proven to be successful. A clearly formulated and communicated mandate of top management is a prerequisite for such transformation work. Senior management develops the framework and focus of the change process. The staff, operating in the processes, designs and improves the processes and thus is a valued component in the change process. The procedure in the change process follows the principles of action learning - learning happens in the practical work and in the current requirement situations. The procedure requires and allows both horizontal and vertical communication within the organisation along the processes and also in the management tasks (management processes).


  • Support for the introduction of quality management systems or of specific aspects of it
  • Design and facilitation of self-evaluation
  • Strengthening leadership and management culture
  • Support in the development of the benchmarks of the organisation (mission, vision, values system, strategy and planning)
  • Support in the development of process mapping and process descriptions
  • Optimisation for individual processes and group processes
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