Capacity WORKS

Capacity WORKS is the management model of the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH. In contrast to other management approaches at the organisational level, Capacity WORKS refers explicitly to the specific challenges that arise in international cooperation: objectives must be achieved here in close collaboration with diverse partners in cooperation systems and require learning at the individual, organisational and societal levels. Capacity WORKS is based on the fundamentals of systemic approaches to organisational development and quality management, as well as practical experience from managers in GIZ projects worldwide. There are five factors to success that need to be applied in cooperation projects simultaneously: strategy, cooperation, steering structure, processes and learning and innovation.

Training for GIZ staff
Various intensive training courses for Capacity WORKS are offered for national and international GIZ employees. These can be planned and carried out in Germany, in different regions and also for a single country portfolio or (larger) project team. Como Consult has carried out a large number of training sessions since 2008 and can provide five experienced consultants to conduct them.

Advising on Integration in Project Management
Training is a necessary but not solely sufficient step to the application and integration of Capacity WORKS into project work. It requires a clear attitude and prioritisation by the leadership. In addition, Capacity WORKS is still only a framework. Respective solutions must be developed specifically related to context and project.
In early 2015, GIZ published this approach in book form, including diverse revisions that summarised almost ten years of implementation experience. Thus Capacity WORKS is now available to other public, private and civil society organisations and initiatives that want to achieve objectives in complex environments with multiple stakeholders.


  • Design and implementation of GIZ Standard Training (certificate)
  • Design and implementation of constructive plug-ins (e.g. for intervention design)
  • Advising on the integration of Capacity WORKS in the project management for both managers and teams (taking account of continuous quality)
  • Advising on cooperation management for public, private and civil society organisations and initiatives (including Capacity WORKS and other approaches)
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