(Project) Management

In our project management practice, it has been proven helpful to combine approaches of classical project management with those of systemic organisational development. Therefore, in our training programme, we do not convey a linear project management, but rather we provide structural support and tools for project managers and project assistants, which can be used when needed. We thus help to reduce complexity, set priorities and ensure quality. In project work, we believe a thorough preparation, the establishment of clear communication channels and rules and thereby the establishment of regular reflection loops is particularly important. The actors involved in project processes should critically question the project process, learn new skills and apply them.
Project management in an international context requires particular sensitivity to cultural differences and thus flexibility in the project design. The participants in our training programme are encouraged to consider the situations arising from the diversity of perspectives in international environments in a given project context and to ensure the connectivity to local cultures. We support project managers and staff in recognising different cultural systems and related issues and in acknowledging them and aligning the process design to them.


  • Advising on improving project management as a whole or on specific topics (strategic and operational planning, team building, role clarification, monitoring / controlling)
  • Design and implementation of customised training programmes and coherent set of training modules



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