We see coaching as a useful "reflective partnership" (W. Looss) that provides the "coachee" a safe environment to work on professional concerns and challenges. Coaching is about perceiving one's own patterns of behaviour when dealing with one's self and when interacting with other staff members and to be better aware of and review this behavioural pattern. If necessary, we offer assistance in trying out new ways and practices.
The goal is always to increase the action and decision-making ability of our clients in a specific professional context.
Especially when coaching executives, issues such as the proper management of employees, tensions and paradoxes within their own organisation, and also career issues, employment alternatives, and the conscious handling of their own potential remains in the foreground.


  • Executive coaching
  • Supervision of individuals and management teams
  • Coaching of individuals and groups at work-related topics, such as career entry, changing jobs, promotions, handling criticism and conflicts, role clarification and the development of new professional perspectives
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