We participate in tenders for the implementation of projects and long-term consultation processes both at home and abroad.
We also work in this area with the approach of systemic organisational development. Careful process design as well as periodic review - together with the client - are very important to us. We have had success using a project manager from Como on such projects as a short-term consultant. In this way, we get the necessary insight into the processes and can make informed decisions at the management level. In part, we join together for the execution of projects with specialised partners, so that process expertise and sector expertise can complement each other perfectly.

We put great importance on carefully clarifying tasks with clients from the beginning of the project and putting together and instructing the teams responsible for carrying out the tasks. As far as the project framework allows, we provide teams composed of actors from international, regional and national contexts of the project environment and integrate different perspectives (civil society, public sector, private sector) that are relevant for the project implementation. The tasks we assume include, among others, human resource development, the execution of internal staff meetings, staff development and training for the project managers. Also while the project is up and running, it is important to us to continue a regular structured dialogue with the clients.


As part of backstopping, we provide both field-specific and managerial support. Field specific support includes, in particular, the support of key strategic processes, expert inputs, quality assurance of consultation processes and the review of technical publications. Managerial support refers to the planning processes, the flow of communication among all stakeholders, monitoring and controlling, quality assurance, decision-making processes for important strategic issues, personnel management, staff contracts and coaching.


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