Modernisation of Public Administration

Rapid changes in technology and society are pressuring the public sector to reform. In the face of increasingly complex requirements and growing task loads, governmental entities need to act in an efficient, effective and citizen-oriented manner. At the same time budgets need to be consolidated to cut costs. With previously undertaken reforms, a wealth of positive results has already been achieved. However, in practice the results often lag behind the concrete needs for reform and that potential, resources and opportunities are not fully exploited. This lies less in the conceptual approaches per se, and more in a lack of networking and practical implementation and a lack of final acceptance by the employees: reforms - and now what?


We develop customised consulting packages on the basis of organisational development (systemic and Gestalt-based); and human resources development. You decide where the journey goes, and we will guide you through unknown waters with our experience and knowledge.

  • Strategy Development
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Management and Controlling/Monitoring
  • Team Building, Team Coaching

At Como, we draw from our extensive experience in administration in both Germany and in developing and emerging countries, particularly in modernisation of public administration.


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