Civic Participation and the Strengthening of Civil Society

The synergic interaction of state institutions with representatives of civil society is a cornerstone of good governance. This not only requires the public administration at all levels to be more open for dialogue, but it also needs strong partners in civil society, representing particular interests effectively, who can articulate concerns in a qualified way and are able to fulfil assigned tasks reliably. As with the strengthening of state structures, developing the capacity of civil society actors happens at very different levels, from a village community, a city, a county, a nation to international networks.


  • Advising structures of civil society on issues such as access to basic social services, advocacy in local self-government structures, self-organisation on the community level and networking of self-help groups
  • Development of customised training courses and intervention techniques in human resources development and organisational development
  • Consulting on the implementation of quality management systems for NGOs
  • Monitoring of network formation processes
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