Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture has become crucial to the survival of mankind. The land used in agriculture cannot be expanded anymore without destroying nature, but half of the existing field area is already damaged by erosion, exhaustion of the ground's minerals and high salt content. Feeding a rising global population is only possible as of right now due to an equally high and still rising use of agricultural resources and the destruction of the environment.

There are many popular movements in many different countries that support sustainable agriculture that's also economically and socially responsible. A sustainable agriculture must preserve fertile ground, clean water, and the diversity of species in different ecosystems for future generations. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) has developed a conceptual framework for supporting sustainable agriculture, and Como Consult has contributed to it. This systemic approach can be used in the management cycle for planning and implementation as well as evaluation of sustainability.


Como Consult advises and guides projects on introducing sustainable agriculture during strategy development and in the execution and evaluation of measures. We offer training courses and seminars for development organizations and their counterparts, and we stay true to our idea of sustainable agriculture in our projects.

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