Evaluation of corporate culture

How to better understand the culture of an organization? How significant is it for change processes? Which culture-shaping measures could contribute to GIZ's future viability and what could be starting points for such measures? Over a period of 1.5 years, the consortium between Mainlevel and Como accompanied GIZ in this process. Two theory-based approaches from psychology and sociology were interlinked in this evaluation, which have been tested empirically in numerous organisations, countries and cultural regions and which enjoy a high scientific reputation: the Competing Value Framework (CVF) and the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB). Qualitative and quantitative surveys were conducted world-wide for both theoretical approaches. Find the full report here.


Remotency – Competency to Facilitate Remotely

We coined the term remotency when Como Consult reflected the implications the corona pandemic had on the work of our clients and on our own work. Even more than before we will provide our services in a remote manner. When dealing with the specifics of consulting remotely a special competency is required to remain helpful to our clients. We call it remotency. May it be coaching, facilitation or team development – here you will find all of the services that Como offers for remote settings.


Theory U meetup at Como Berlin

In Febuary our latest meet-up took place in Berlin. Participants were introduced to the concepts of Otto Scharmer's Theory U and Arawana Hayashi's methodology of Social Presencing Theater. Each person designed their own little "U process" all along the question: "What do I want to bring into this world?" We were happy that despite stormy weathers, so many guests came to Kreuzberg that night. Thanks everyone for joining an contributing to the great atmosphere. Information for future evenings in our MeetUp groups (please click for Hamburg or Berlin) or by e-mail: info@como-consult


Mindfullness in Organisations

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly important – not only for individuals but also for larger social systems - especially for organisations. More and more people are practicing mindfulness in order to develop more serenity in everyday life and at work. But how can organisations become better at and foster mindful practice? Meditation expert Matthias Gugel discussed that question with a bunch of lovely guests and some of our consultants. We would like to thank everyone who took part to create yet another exciting night at Como Office Berlin!


How does 'the NEW' get into the world?

Como and transformation coach Aje Brücken tried to tackle down this question in a session held as part of International Facilitation Week Berlin. When we talk about change, we often talk about gradually improving already existing processes. But how do changes that result in profound transformation actually work? To get a better understanding of their architecture we had a look at conversion processes in nature. Drawing analogies to them allows us to learn as an organization as well as individually. Think of a caterpillar in a cocoon that transforms into a flying butterfly.


Como facilitates course at CEU Budapest

Since the beginning of 2018, Como has offered a practical seminar on qualitative evaluation for the School of Public Policy at the Central European University (CEU). The event is embedded in the Master & PhD course at the Chair of Professor Bodenstein. Students from all over the world are introduced to implementation of evaluations by using interactive methods, such as the simulation of evaluation steps in working groups with different roles. Special emphasis is put on systemic aspects. In 2020, another element of cooperation is to be added as part of a planned programme evaluation: the PolicyLab of the CEU, in which Master and PhD students will carry out an independent evaluation.


How do dialogues change us?

The central importance of dialogue for human and institutional development was described in detail by Buber, Bohm and Scharmer. However, the impact of dialogue is hardly explored in development cooperation, as it is difficult to observe and standardize. For MISEREOR, an organization for development cooperation, Como examined whether the quality of dialogue changes the way of thinking and the attitude of development actors. This was implemtented by a systemic evaluation which used a Theory U framework as part of its design. Read more (from page 84 onwards.


Costa Rica – Country Of Low Emissions

Since 1949, Costa Rica has repeatedly implemented groundbreaking changes: e.g. abolition of the military, the reduction of use of fossil fuels or the creation of large-scale nature reserves. In recent years, the country has come to play an important role in the discourse about climate change. Como advises the GIZ-project ‘Niedrigemissionsland Costa Rica’ on climate governance and participated in the consultations on the National Decarbonisation Plan, which was presented this spring.


Development - sip by sip

While on a mission for sustainable economic development in Kosovo, Como-consultant Nikolaus Roloff established a private partnership with a delightfull finish: a developmental partnership with winery „TRADITA“. The forward-thinking start-up produces organic premium wine from The Balkans. Procurement of indigenous vines aims at incorparating fair-trade elements. It will also strengthen the beautifull region of Rahovec by creating new jobs and exporting high quality wine to Germany. Magazine „Schluck“ (translates to „sip“ or „gulp“ in English) just dedicated an article to the committed Mustafe Kastrati (see picture above) who runs the project. For further reading in German, please click here.


Women's Rights in Africa

#RightByHer is a coalition of youth-serving organizations, feminist groups, health professionals, and faith-based organizations working towards realizing and extending women’s and girls’ rights across Africa. Como facilitates a strategy development process of the partnership and helps strengthening project management and collaboration among the project partners. Please find more information about the “State of the African Women” report published by #RightByHer here.


Peace Convention Mali

In February, Como Consult facilitated a “Teambuilding Workshop” for the signatory parties of the Peace Convention (members of government and armed groups). The objective was to strengthen their collaboration by creating contact and an enhanced discussion culture and to eventually agree on an improved organisation of their cooperation. The workshop facilitation was commissioned by the project “Support to Stabilization and Peace” PASP, which is financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the GIZ and its partners.


Management Consultancy for Water Utility

CONSULAQUA (Hamburg Water) and Como Consult jointly support the institutional and organisational strengthening of the water utility WASCO of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, with a focus on “Non-Revenue-Water Reduction”. In a complementary manner, the consultancy assignment touches on both technical issues and managerial tasks. The project is commissioned by GIZ GmbH and complements the work of the regional CATS-Program (Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial Solutions).


Knowing what works: GIZ’s quality assurance model put to test

Over a period of 18 months Como Consult evaluated one of the quality assurance models of the GIZ, called „Qualitätssicherung in Linie“ which roughly translates to „quality assurance in line“. It was examined how minimum standards of GIZ’s quality assurance program were implemented in international projects. Further it was analysed whether the instruments were suitable meausures to ensure continued performance-improvement in project implementation. You will find the full report here once its been published.


AfricaWorks: From Brain Drain to Brain Gain

One oft the biggest economic challenges that the continent of Africa has been facing lately is the loss of highly skilled professionals to countries outside of Africa. The movement of young talents going abroad, and taking their creativity and expertise with them has a weakening effect for the inner-african labour market. Berlin start-up AfricaWorks turns around the brain-drain-phenomenon by connecting African talent and experts trained in Europe with international companies and those registered in Africa. This strenghtens local economic development.


Recommendations for the peace process in Comlombia

On 10 July, a forum was held in the Meta region of Colombia, attended by more than 80 people, including many civil society representatives. The regional peace development was discussed as well as the formation of the network of local actors supporting the peace process, which was only founded the day after. The representatives drew up four strategic recommendations: the peace process should be understood as an opportunity for cooperation between different stakeholders, arising conflicts should be addressed, and finally, the peace process should lead to concrete actions. Berghof Foundation and Como Consult supported the forum as part of the ProPaz program, which is run by the German Corporation for International Cooperation.          Have a look at the photos.


Strategy development with Humanitarian Aid Organisation CADUS

In May, we advised the humanitarian aid organization CADUS on its strategy development in our Berlin office. CADUS is a nonprofit and independent aid organization that initiates innovative and sustainable projects. Their focus lies on self-help that is in line with demand. In a workshop moderated by Como, CADUS employees dealt with the topics of organizational purpose and leadership within their organisation. For this work we used formats and schemata of the Munich SySt®-Institute. We thank CADUS for the trustful and inspiring cooperation and are happy to have supported the organisation with a pro-bono service.


Reflecting Business – New Networking Format

"An event that truly meets the Zeitgeist " –  states one of the participants after the premiere of REFLECTING BUSINESS – Comos new get-together for SME. In March 2017 we discussed the challenges of change that small and medium enterprises undergo when they face growth. We are grateful for a thrilling evening. Special thanks go to our guests,  among them the founder of start-up  AFRICA WORKS, executives and experts from the not-for-profit sector. Thank you for sharing your perspectives and making the first REFLECTING BUSINESS a memorable night!


Development of a vision

The Environmental Center Gut Karlshöhe is a project of the Hamburg Climate Protection Foundation in the middle of the city of Hamburg - and yet out in the open. Como advises Gut Karlshöhe on the development of his vision of the future. In two strategy workshops moderated by Como, the board and the office of the Environmental Center worked together on a vision of the future "Good Karlshöhe in 10 years", the future products and next steps of getting there. Working together was fun!



Systemic Prevention of Violence Colombia

On behalf of the GIZ, Como and Berghof Foundation advise municipalities in northern Colombia on the implementation of the pilot project "Prevenir Primero". Numerous stakeholders from government and civil society are working together to identify risk and protection factors in their communities preventing violence. "Prevenir primero is a laboratory where experience is gained and shared. What works can then be extended to the entire region." This is how Jorge Rodriguez, advisor to the consortium Como-Berghof, summarizes the innovative character of Prevenir Primero in a TV report.



Peace treaty in Colombia

Andrés Home, consultant of the Consortium Como-Berghof in Colombia, is facilitating a workshop with the Agencia de Renovación del Territorio. Since 2015, together with the Berghof Foundation, we have been implementing the "Regional Peace Development" component of the GIZ program to support the development of peace in Colombia (ProPaz). Within this framework, we advised the facilitation of a workshop that brought together national government representatives with their local counterparts to prepare the elaboration of the development plans with a focus on the regions through which the peace agreement is to be implemented.



Initiating a Renewable Energy Cluster in Kosovo

On behalf of GIZ, we initiated the „Metal Industry and Renewable Energy Cluster of Kosovo, MIRECK" which is now in the formal process of establishment. It combines companies from the metal processing industry with businesses in the field of solar energy, hydro and wind power. Furthermore, it puts an emphasis on close cooperation with academia and research institutions. Within this initiative also a close partnership with the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster EEHH was established. We conclude: Cooperation pays off!



Improving the business climate for SME in Sri Lanka

Together with the specialized consulting firm Economica from Vietnam, Como carried out an advisory mission to Sri Lanka to assist GIZ and its partners from the Sri Lankan Government on how to improve the business climate for small and medium enterprises. This work is based on the SME Policy Framework and SME Development Action Plan that were recently approved by the Cabinet of Sri Lanka.



Inauguration ceremony of our new office in Berlin

On 03.02.2017 there was the opening ceremony of our new office in Berlin Kreuzberg. There were interessting inputs by "ImpactDOCK Hamburg" who informed about their "Cross-Mentoring International Program" and another one by GITTA mbH - our cooperation partner in Berlin. The Encounter Choir Berlin was responsible for the musical accompaniment of the evening and the team of Burro e Sale for the physical well-being of the guests.


Organisational Consultant Training

After many years in the consulting practice at home and abroad, we would like to pass on our experience to interested consultants and practitioners and expand our network. Therefore, since 2007, we have offered regular in-service training courses in Hamburg, which include the main challenges of organisational and process consulting... more

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