When we moved to reduce our air travel to keep our CO² emissions as low as possible, we turned to developing options to provide our consulting services remotely whenever possible. We coined the term remotency to describe how we at Como Consult are creatively addressing the effects of the corona pandemic on the work of our clients and on our own work. In the future, we plan to provide even more of our consulting services remotely. To continue to serve our clients effectively despite physical separation, a special competency is also necessary. Remotency is, therefore, the ability to advise, coach, facilitate and collaborate virtually and effectively from a distance.

Right now, as a result of the corona pandemic, we are even more dependent on virtual connections to maintain contact with others and work effectively. In response to these developments, we have strengthened and expanded our remotely accessible services even further. The following describes the services that Como Consult now offers virtually.

In addition to the specific topic being worked on, the parameters for virtual settings vary depending on the size of the group participating in live consulting, coaching or facilitation. Therefore, our offerings are categorised by group size:


Coaching Specialists and Executives
Compared to group settings, the transition to coaching individuals virtually is much less complex. To ensure that the assistance is helpful and effective, it is crucial that those being advised maintain increased awareness of and attention to the assistance provided. As physical proximity is no longer possible during coaching sessions and perception of and reaction to body language is only available to a limited extent, special approaches are required. Here, our consultants can employ their Gestalt-oriented skills and attitude.

Technical Advice and Process Consultation
The virtual tools to facilitate Technical Advice and Process Consultation have been part of Como's range of services since the availability of live internet communication. We constantly adapt the technical instruments used to meet the requirements and needs of our clients.

Team Development Workshops and Supervision
Team development thrives on direct communication and perception across all sensory channels. When transitioning to virtual formats, particular attention must be paid to maintaining structured communication and increased awareness of individual needs. In this way, virtual team challenges and exercises can support the building of trust even when connecting remotely.

Leadership Feedback
An especially structured facilitation, supportive visualisations and interactive online tools form the core of an open atmosphere, constructive feedback and binding agreements in the virtual space.


Training Courses, Seminars, Team Workshops
We have joined public institutions to develop blended learning sessions for further training as part of our consulting projects. We are now building on this especially didactic experience. In virtual workshops with larger teams, an optimal mix of methods ranging from large and small group work sessions to individual work is important (e.g. in virtual breakout rooms).

Strategy Development and Project Planning
Usually a large number of stakeholders are involved in strategic and project planning, and are developing ideas for the future out of the project specifications themselves and the actors’ own experience. With remote planning, the process should be divided into smaller steps which are processed in small groups at different times. It is particularly important to monitor the integration of these components at certain points of time and based on the thematic content of the work.


Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues and Leadership Conferences
The transition of large groups to virtual settings presents both opportunities and challenges. The number of participants is almost unlimited. The main focus lies on the objective. Methods, inputs and the interaction of the participants are oriented accordingly. Here, too, we use interactive online tools to promote maintaining attention, participation and commitment.

Open Space and Bar Camp
These formats require the most sophisticated technical infrastructure and facilitation skills for successful virtual implementation. Based on the concept of a virtual marketplace, deeper exchange can take place in virtual breakout rooms.

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